September 18, 2008
J. Mendel Spr '09

New York Fashion Week intrigue

The Hèrve Lèger collection designed by Max Azria was to die for and the bathing suits . . . BEYOND sexy. You have to have a rockin body like attendee, Anna Kournikova to best pull one of those off.

Meanwhile at the Lèger show Mario Sorrenti, the famous photographer, gave up his front row seat to sit on the stairs in the back. Interesting . . .was he being shy after appearing naked on the cover of Purple Fashion magazine with Kate Moss?

Rachel Zoe, the celebrity stylist, debuted her reality show during
FashionWeek. If you watched it, you know she kept talking about
branding herself. The next day I saw her at my favorite fashion show,
J. Mendel. Well it wasn’t a runway show but a presentation of the
collection on posed models and the guests mingled around like a party.
Anyway it was interesting to see Rachel because she cultivates a
larger than life persona … big hair, big sunglasses, the largest
Cartier Panthère ring and she is all of 5’1”. As part of her
branding, I think she should design a collection for petite women.
She would “Kill It”.


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