January 7, 2010


Although Babycakes is not fashion per se, there are a lot of similarities between food and fashion. They are both fast-paced, constantly changing and they bring instant gratification. I AM SO EXCITED that Babycakes of NYC has made it to the West Coast, opening this week in LA.

I found out that I could not eat gluten 14 years ago and there went all the cakes, cookies, bread and pasta from my life. While not everyone is intolerant like I am, more and more people are finding they feel healthier without eating gluten, the protein in flour, rye and barley. Click on the following Huffington Post article on gluten, published on January 2, 2010 to get the latest:
Gluten by Mark Hyman, MD

When Babycakes opened in NYC four years ago, I went and thought I had literally died and gone to heaven. I hadn't had a cupcake or a fresh baked good in 10 years and I was a kid in a candy store.

I hope you will try it when you are in NYC or LA.


130 East 6th Street (between S. Main Street and S. Los Angeles Street) Telephone: 213.623.5555


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