April 15, 2015

Bangles at BARNEYS

I found some cool bangles at Barneys yesterday. I have always been a bangle girl rather than delicate little bracelets. Love love these.
Horn ones by MONIQUE PÉAN .
This morning I remembered a National Geographic instagram post on the rhinoceros. They are poached and killed for their tusks. This is troubling for anyone who has a consciousness about the environment and every living creature in it. Read one of NatGeo latest articles in March of this year about saving this majestic creature from extinction.

I raced to MONIQUE PÉAN's website and found a gorgeous ocean video. If you click through you will find that she is the premier environmentally friendly fine jewelry collection, MONIQUE PÉAN strives to raise awareness of art, culture and global environmental issues through design. She is known for its one-of-a-kind pieces, avant-garde style and unique materials, including fossilized walrus ivory and fossilized dinosaur bone, and is committed to partnering with artisans around the world to support traditional craftsmanship. Phew!
These bangles are inlaid bakelite by Mark Thomas.
I found nothing on the web about Thomas but Barneys tells me his bakelite pieces are made from recycled bakelite.