November 9, 2017

Missoni on a Mission

Angela Missoni recently did an American tour to celebrate her 20th anniversary as creative director of her family's legendary design company. She brought some vintage pieces that were amazing and somewhat subdued. They were a nice juxtaposition to the bright colors on the sales floor at Neiman Marcus. I like both because they showcase the breadth and depth of Missoni over the years.
Angela Missoni
A look from the upcoming spring collection.

Missoni has a long history and back in the day Diana Vreeland's assessment was, "Who says a rainbow has only 7 colors? There are many shades." When Angela was a little girl Mrs Vreeland kept writing her mother. She wanted to introduce her to the department stores in America. When the Missoni's finally arrived in New York, they had a small room at The Plaza and Diana Vreeland came with 14 editors. The entire room was filled with flowers all sent by Vogue. The Missoni's thought this was the American way to greet everybody. 

I'm sure Angela has many stories to tell but one she felt proud of the other evening was that ever since they started doing business with Neiman Marcus they have been in the store every season. That is a feat that not many designers can attest to.