August 9, 2018

Saint Laurent Inspired

Last fall I went to auction house sale of vintage designer clothes. I found an iconic Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche safari tunic, Saharienne in royal blue. It was one size too small but I was determined to get it because it was YSL and it seemed like there was enough room but when I tried it on, it would not come all the way down over my hips. Below is Saharienne in classic khaki. 

This spring I found a YSL inspired linen top that I am wearing below. You don't find linen around too much these days because Americans don't like the wrinkles but there is nothing like it in the sweltering heat. Europeans are much more likely to be seen wearing it -- they embrace the wrinkles and find it luxurious.

I'm wearing the linen top with some white Citizens of Humanity jeans, a Clare V crossbody bag and my Gucci kerchief scarf that I've had forever. I call the things I have had in my wardrobe for a long time -- old friends. If you shop well, you will have them too.

My Aquazzura or any laced shoes look great with cropped pants or a long flowy dress.