November 8, 2018

Denim on Denim


I first spotted the dark denim on denim look in the Fall 2017 Dior show and thought it looked fresh so I replicated it with a dark denim shirt and jeans last fall. At that time I was in New York for Fashion Week and Calvin Klein was showing it on the runway. I love being ahead! If I can't be ahead, I am doing a different take on trend. Don't count on me for doing a current trend in an obvious way. I encourage you to develop your personal style this way or just experiment or hire me. Ha! Anybody can follow trends as dictated. Make them your own.
Jordache is set to relaunch their brand with a dark denim on denim look for their 40th Anniversary. Carine Roitfeld did the styling for their advertising campaign. Jordache Jeans are back!