November 29, 2018

Fifty and Fabulous

Sarah Rutson is a long time heavy hitter in the fashion industry. She was the Fashion Director at the iconic Lane Crawford (I have to mention they announced a new sustainability initiative today) and Vice President of global buying at Net-a-Porter to name a few. Now she is the Chief Brand Officer at the Collected Group which owns Equipment, Current/Elliot and Joie.

I found her on Instagram a couple of years ago and was definitely intrigued. After reading a bunch on the internet my guess is that she was discovered by Garance Doré around 10 years ago. So as a women discovered or brought into the spotlight at 40 as a style icon, is a bit different from the other women I've written about. Both Brigitte Bardot and Françoise Hardy were international sensations in their 20s. In their era women in their 40s and 50s were not discovered and labelled style icons that late in the game.

Now that I have switched gears toward the unapologetically grownup, I am celebrating Sarah Rutson's style at fifty. More and more women in their fifties who have great style and have taken care of themselves are being embraced by mainstream America. Because as I say Style Never Stops for those who have it.
The two shots above are current so she must be wearing what looks like Equipment. Her style is very menswear lately which is always chic.
Other outfits from throughout her career are a little more playful. She could probably wear any of the brands that Lane Crawford or Net-a-Porter carried.