December 13, 2018

The Langham this Holiday

I know this is a fashion blog but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the backdrop for this fashion shoot. The Langham hotel in Chicago opened with a lot of fanfare about 5 years ago. It became the world's  only hotel located in a Mies Van Der Rohe building. His grandson Dirk Lohan did the ground floor lobby's furnishings--the lamps, the furniture and the iconic brass beads that hang in the windows.

I am wearing a fur over white Citizens of Humanity jeans and the soon to be infamous white VINCE boots. I love the beads hanging in the background and another icon, the Marina City building that opened in 1968 just across the street. I adore the ultra modern building. I only wish it had a sexier name.

This little dark green velvet dress is on sale right now at Neimans (by Aiden). I love velvet and wear it for more than just the holiday season. I love to mix it with all kinds of sportswear. Years ago I had  some Belgian shoes in black velvet that I adored. Velvet is extremely durable and never goes out of style. Just stay away from anything with a hint of grandma.