August 26, 2019

Black is back?

Nope it never went away. People like to put black down but the truth is you are never going to be chic without it. Do you want to wear it all the time? NO. And I guess it may not be good in the suburbs but I haven't lived in the suburbs for a very long time. I personally don't like to wear the avant garde black looks of say a Yohji Yamamoto but I sure can appreciate their talent. I like to see the female form or a hint of it. 

Use black to your advantage. It is so versatile--it can be worn day and night. People can't tell if you've worn a pant, top or shoe in black so you can wear them again and again in different ways. It's perfect if you want to travel light. It doesn't show the soup you spilled on yourself last night. It is slimming. Those are the big takeaways. But most importantly if used correctly it is the first step to chic.

I posted this outfit on Instagram today @unapologeticallygrownup and it got some interest. I'm not 100% sure why but I'll tell you why I like it. Mainly because I repurposed and styled it. That's the fun with fashion for me. Making something new with something you have. Last summer I wore the Tomas Maier for Uniqlo dress just as it was. I wore a neckerchief and some lace up shoes. The dress was really too sheer so this summer I wore leggings under it. I have to mention the espadrilles I recently purchased and LOVE. I have never worn classic espadrilles because the back never fits my narrow heel. Anyway whether you have narrow feet or not you will love these because you can walk for miles and miles. Email me at if that hyper link isn't enough.

See you soon! x