April 9, 2020

Fashion Post-Pandemic

Gosh how drastically the world can change in a month. At the end of February I signed up for an online coaching course and it couldn't have better timing. That means I haven't been following fashion for the last five weeks because my course load is kind of heavy. I also jumped off Instagram for a much needed break after 10 years. I hope you are well and doing something that enriches your life whether it is spending quality time with family, doing your business online or reading books. A feeling of progress is important to me as the world stands still.

What do I think the fashion world will look like after we get out of this? Like the rest of the world, it will be very different. People will not be interested in conspicuous consumption. We need another Chanel bag like a whole in our head. And we will not feel the need to follow every single trend. There will be a continued interest in our planet and crystal clear knowledge that the fashion industry is a major polluter. Sustainability was a buzz word before covid and will continue to be. There is a doctor on the cover of the April issue of Vanity Fair Italy. Does that mean there will be less focus on celebrities? While America has a keen interest in Hollywood and rightly so, I think there will be even more variety on the covers of Vanity Fair, Vogue and beyond.

I did get a little insight on fashion shows in particular from a well known Dutch trend forecaster Li Edelkoort. She said the designers will go back to intimate shows in their ateliers. That's the way it was when I got into the fashion industry. Everything is up for renewal she says.


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