August 27, 2021

Fashion Coffee Hour’s 1st Birthday


The past year has been very exciting for Fashion Coffee Hour. With 52 episodes it’s hard to summarize but it is easy to find a couple of our favorite episodes and adventures. Treat yourself to the sumptuous Valentino Fall Haute Couture 21/22 show on YouTube. Look for the House of Gucci movie that is coming out November 24 (trailer here). And stop by to see us at the Fine Art building on Michigan Avenue in Chicago on Mondays. Stanley and I would love to have lunch with you. In the upper left photo we took a selfie with Leslie Logsdon, a regular coffee hour attendee. The Art Institute is a stone’s throw from the Fine Art building so add that to your list after lunch. Unfortunately the Obama Portraits were only here for a short time before going on their national tour. Stanley is a display artist extraordinaire and does a window display contest every year called Project Windows in conjunction with the Art Institute. He made us all laugh with his ivy covered jacket that he made in the spirit of Barack’s portrait. The Art Institute, voted best museum in the world has something for everyone.

Thank you for your support,

Marcy Carmack and Stanley Smith

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