The Marcy Approach is all inclusive:

First is the evaluation of your existing wardrobe so Marcy is familiar with the current wardrobe and knows the starting point. Learning about your taste and lifestyle is critical for Marcy to create the looks that suit you. During the consultation, she eliminates what doesn't work, which enables her to focus on what does. Only then does Marcy embark on adding new elements to style your image and create versatility in the entire wardrobe.

Marcy's 5 Step Consultation to the "9+ wardrobe"

  1. Brief questionnaire to clarify your needs and set a foundation.
  2. Evaluate wardrobe by trying items on to see how they flatter your figure or physique. 
  3. Only 9 & 10's stay in the closet.
  4. Marcy creates new looks within the exsisting wardrobe, meaning shop in your closet and don't spend a dime.
  5. Marcy's recommendations on what is missing to complete various looks or round out the wardrobe.

Marcy is your "Buying Guide"

Buying is easy and efficient because Marcy navigates the process and pre-selects items in advance of the time of your arrival. Marcy can go to your preferred stores, and will also suggest new ones.

Additional Styling

Aside from her core business of private clientele, Marcy also styles fashion shows, photo shoots, and has done large scale costuming for parties.