September 4, 2010

Catching up with Cameron

First stop in LA last week was Decades. Unfortunately, my client missed our appointment because her flight was delayed, giving me the pleasure of catching up with CS.

Cameron was as full of stories as the last time, and looking just as chic. Victoria Beckham was in after me and wanted the dress I had pulled, etc, etc. He thinks he has too many clothes in his closet but can't get rid of them hoping they might be worth something someday. “Of course they will!” I exclaim.

And what is new with this very successful vintage storeowner? Cameron is taking ballet lessons. He wants the body of a ballet dancer and is well on his way as he wears clothes extremely well. I love that Cameron is doing something slightly outside the box. Not the first time and probably not the last.

Decades 8214 1/2 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles CA 90042


  1. AlexiTorres says:

    Decades really is unlike anywhere else..I'm sure you and Cameron will have many more surprises for us in the future!
    Not surprised about Victoria Beckham...good taste recognzies good taste...

    September 19, 2010 at 7:24 PM

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