June 4, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Now that TheRealReal has gone up for membership, it has given me a chance to look back.

After Easter I did an editorial type photo shoot for the opening pages of the site using the consigned goods that we had at that point. Challenging since we did not have a whole lot in model size. See photo below with a Nina Ricci jacket and Giambatistta Valli skirt.

Julie and I decided to use vintage Rootstein mannequins to wear clothes on the site. Adel Rootstein & Co. started in the early 1960's when Britain was beginning to influence the world of fashion. Mary Quant and Jean Muir were symbols of the new movement.

Our mannequin, Susan Hampshire, doesn't wear everything well so I did some styling of certain items on Rati our Director of Merchandising. The Chanel sweater jacket on the right looked a bit boring until we paired it with a Margiela polka-dot tulle top. The Piazza Sempione jacket on the left was certainly zipped up with Margiela. Hooray for Martin Margiela.

A typical consignment pick-up. Yeah!!


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