December 14, 2017

My Two Fav American Brands at the Moment

Both of my favorites are happy brands and of course chic. Roxanne Assoulin is a jewelry designer that is not new but has a brand new look. She dreamt up her latest signature chick-let look a couple of years ago and it took off like lightening with Instagram's help. Most of the bracelets are multi-colored and I also love the gold and silver below. I follow Roxanne on Instagram (@roxanneassoulin) and the copy on her posts is always fun and irreverent. Her tagline is an uncomplicated indulgence.

Oh and if you know Rosie Assoulin, who is a rising star in New York fashion, that is Roxanne's daughter-in-law. All in the family as they say!
Clare V. is a hand bag company that is based in LA. The founder, Clare Vivier is a former journalist who lived and worked in Paris so it is no surprise that her first pop-up is in gay paree for this holiday season. She has successfully infused a French mood into her collection that gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. Go on her site and check it out at
I'm partial to this little red bag.