May 4, 2018

Style Icons Part I

I've gone missing for a few months as I kept thinking I wanted to write about style icons but when I started collecting images it got harder to figure out who. Finally I decided on Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot, Alexa Chung and Sarah Rutson -- two from the 60's and two current day. All their photos seemed like a lot for one post so I am breaking them up and starting with Françoise Hardy, the French singer songwriter who was the face 1960's French pop. 

Many of the images I found of Hardy had something or another to do with her singing career which is what propelled her status to style icon. Others were beauty shots which are wonderful but typically don't show clothes. After digging through I found these...

Mick Jagger among others fell for Hardy's enigmatic allure. Françoise served to put pinstripes on the map, affirming that  a distinctly mannish appearance of the Sixties was to be at the future forefront of womenswear. 

Hardy had an enormous influence on fashion. She was the muse to Rei Kawakubo, who named Comme des Garçons after a lyric in Hardy's hit single, "Tous les garçons et les filles". Paco Rabanne was famous for the gold plated dress which became Hardy's most iconic look. And her white Courrèges pantsuit paved the way for futurism.

Hardy wore a lot of mod but she truly loved the mannish movement.

Many consider Hardy the origin of street style. And if being an icon is being admired for one's fashion sense then with out a doubt Françoise is one of the best. For me she was 'it' in the 60's and beyond.