August 15, 2018

Thom Browne & Joseph Altuzzara

Thom and Joseph are two big names in the fashion industry that I have written about more than once so I love representing them here together with my look. Ha. Thom is a friend that I met early in his career before he became a mega star. Joseph is an adorable very talented designer of French and Chinese decent.

Thom designs for both men and women. He started with mens where he developed his following so womens has always felt a little like a step-child. Like mens everything is very menswear inspired for women. His fashion shows are a spectacle to be seen. Weird and otherworldly. Super creative. Anyway almost all garments have a red, white and blue theme or detail. Even if it is only a grosgrain on the shirt sleeve below. 

I got this Thom Browne tennis vest with red and blue stripes almost 8 years ago and it still looks fresh partly because it is a classic. I am wearing a lightweight linen blouse by Thom Browne underneath.
The jeans are Joseph Altuzzara and I love them because they are high waisted and a fresh alternative to the ripped jean trend that seems to be going on and on. I love the red stitching that actually works with the vest but is not too matchy matchy.
These sunglasses are my favorite this summer and I say 'this' because they probably won't be around next summer. I lose them at an alarming rate so I buy cheap ones. These are from Target.
Here I am walking away from the shoot and you can see the back of the jeans. No pockets which I like for something different. I always strive to be a little different if only subtlety. I don't like to follow trends unless I am on the front end of them.