October 18, 2018

Levi Strauss

As long as I can remember there have been Levi's. That may be because Levi Strauss invented blue jeans. Levi's never go out of style. That said, they do go in and out of favor with us fashion folk but they're never far from the surface. Levi's are iconic.
I am wearing Levi's high-waisted 501s so they're not the originals but the high waist is a better fit for me. The light wash is kind refreshing after lots of dark denim. I wear both. These Levi's are old school because they do not have any stretch in them. Kind of uncomfortable until you break them in but they have great body that the stretch jeans just don't have. I am wearing them with my J. Crew striped shirt and a Balenciaga jacket that I got at re-sale. I was part of a company, TheRealReal.com that elevated re-sale making consigned clothes chicer than ever before and you don't have to dig through dusty racks at your local consignment shop. This is one of the ways you can address the sustainability issue that I talked about in my last post. 
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