November 15, 2018

Shoulder Pads - Please Come Back

Balenciaga has been on the forefront of the shoulder pad revival for at least two years but it has not gone mainstream yet. It can take awhile but this is a particularly tough one to bring back. People are honestly kind of afraid of shoulder pads I think. The 80s were not our crowning moment in fashion. Aside from the exaggerated shoulders there was often some bad hair and makeup that went into the mix. Fear no more, today's interpretation will undoubtedly be fresher and more modern.

Taking a cue from Balenciaga, I bought my vintage Perry Ellis camel hair coat at auction two years ago. I know the people of Chicago think I am wearing a coat that is several sizes too big for me but that's ok. You have to be comfortable with looking a little funny at times unless you want to dress like everyone else.
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