December 6, 2018

White Boots

I was obsessed with finding white boots this season but there were not a lot around this fall unless I ordered online. Many of you are old pros at ordering online but I just don't like the returns and especially with shoes. You have a better chance of getting the right size with clothing than with shoes unless you are ordering a Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik or something else you have worn before. I recently ordered some Sperry rain boots that as it turned out ran one size too large. Luckily I could return them to Nordstrom but it's still a hassle. 

Finally I got these Vince white boots and am loving them but finding it a bit more difficult to style them. For instance how will I wear them with dresses? If I were in California you would just go bear legged. Here in Chicago you can not. Do I do white tights or white hose (I've seen signs of hosiery coming back)?

I'll let you know but in the mean time I'll show how I have styled them so far. 

I did a cream colored turtleneck with dark skinny jeans. I like the jeans to be short enough to show the boot. Maybe I'll try a white sock next time, ha!
With my coat the whole look is dark, which really makes the boots pop.
Keep it simple with white boots because it is a modern look and you don't want to muck it up with a lot of stuff going on. All photos taken at Soho House Chicago.