January 10, 2019

Marni Orange

Orange is one of my favorite colors but I don't have a lot of it in my wardrobe so this Marni coat caught my eye. Luckily I found it in a resale shop so it was a fraction of it's original cost. Marni doesn't have the resale value of say Chanel thank god so it was quite reasonable. Besides I have designer consignment in my blood after starting up the RealReal in 2011. 
Marni will make me smile (sometimes you forget but color really does) as I get through the long winter we have in Chicago. It hasn't been too bad so far but we have a waze to go. In March I will take Marni down to Palm Beach and she will fit in perfectly.
Wanted to make the fanny pack work and it kind of does here. I'm thinking the Flintstones but it is not really Stone Age, it's Space Age.
This whole color thing reminds me of my formative fashion years in New York, when the only color I remember having in a sea of black was a red mohair swing coat that made me so happy. I would wear it with my Hermes scarves on my head like Grace Kelly did in To Catch a Thief.
Photos taken at the Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago. Hollywood Squares is on the TV at the entrance to an exhibit.
This Marni isn't super practical but as I'm sure you know practicality and fashion often don't go hand in hand. That's the fun of it.