February 8, 2019


I've been wearing Wolford tights for years and yes they are expensive but they last for years. Sheer hosiery has been out of style for those years because it looked kind of dated and old lady-ish. Now I feel like sheer is new again. I felt sexy and feminine when I put them on.
Be careful what you pair them with so you don't look old lady-ish. Here I wore them with a charcoal window pained skirt and Alexandre Birman boots.
We found that museum lighting was not good for showing the fine details of an outfit because you can't use a flash. The whole outfit is charcoal gray except the black cashmere sweater with a gray trim. Don't you love this Rauschenberg?
Love love Lichtenstein!
Here is one with a flash that went off by accident and you can use see the outfit a little better. These pieces have all been in my wardrobe for many years (charcoal chalkstripe blazer, black cashmere s/s sweater and a charcoal gray window pane mohair skirt) only the boots are new. Oh and the sheer Wolford hosiery too. Anyway I am excited to add sheer hosiery back into my wardrobe and I love Wolford. They are the best.