August 23, 2018

'Heavenly Bodies' at The Cloisters


I went to the 'Heavenly Bodies' exhibit at The Cloisters which is part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art last week. With views of the Hudson river this medieval castle felt as though I was in Italy.  The architecture, the art, the gardens and of course the Church's influence through the fashion took me back to my trips to Italy. 

The show further explores Catholicism's influence on fashion. I don't think I have the words to describe the exhibit or it's second half at the The Met; suffice to say it is magical. Hats off to the curator of the Costume Institute, Andrew Bolton. All the designers chosen are Catholic obviously with the exception of Chanel. Among them are Valentino, Gaultier, Rick Owens, Rodarte, Lanvin, Chanel, Dior and Thom Browne.

In the top photo is a gown by Jean Paul Gaultier with the bleeding heart. With reference to the Sacré-Coeur I am sure which pulls it around to Paris and fashion. By the way the two Americans, Rodarte and Thom Browne are showing in Paris now. Below is Thom Browne's creation and I can't tell you what he was thinking. Thom has a lot of Catholic imagery in his shows. Seems like Catholicism has a strong influence both good and bad on many of the designers. 

After all the talk of the show with all the major names in fashion I now return to a tongue-and-cheek description my attire. Well I'll try to be tongue-and-cheek but don't know if I can describe anything with whimsical exaggeration.  It is pretty straight forward. I was wearing a lightweight gauze dress by ba&sh that was perfect on this hot and humid day in New York. After years living in San Francisco, I don't have a lot of hot weather attire since it is always kind of chilly. 
These are The Cloisters lovely gardens. And there is that hat again. Looking a little worse for wear having been stored in overhead compartments. The dress is very loose and cool with subtle iridescent threads woven into the bottom part. 
I want to mention that the exhibit goes until the October 8th. So if you're in New York and even if you're not make a plan to go! Email me at with any questions.