September 27, 2018


Polka dots are classic so I would wear them anytime but they have been trending for over a year now without an end in sight. I posted a polka dot dress at the polo match a few weeks ago and now this tailored blouse. Polka dots sort of conjure up a vintage-y romantic look so that is why I styled them in a more sportswear like way this time. Always trying to make it different even if subtly so.

Vince designed this classic silk blouse in ivory with small polka dots. I wore it out with Cinq à Sept pants. I love this brand because it's name is French and means 5-7pm which is a traditional time that French people consecrate to having a extramarital affair or so the Huffington Post says. Sexy intrigue. I love a cropped flare because it showcases the shoe you are wearing. Sandals are Bottega Veneta. This outfit is perfect for cocktails. Paired with jeans it can go anywhere.