June 18, 2017

Farfetch's Future


Farfetch is an online luxury shopping site that has evolved rather quickly over the past few years. They started connecting customers through a network of world wide boutiques. If someone found a dress in their local boutique but not their size , they could undoubtedly find it somewhere in the world through Farfetch. Today they are developing into more of the Net-a-Porter model but still without inventory.

I wrote about Farfetch two years ago when they had 300 boutiques on board. I was impressed by it then and now with recent developments it's bound to be a global powerhouse. First Natalie Massanet, founder of Net-a-Porter, has joined forces with Farfetch founder José Neves. She brings years of experience to the space.

Just days ago in a huge takeover, Farfetch bought Style.com. With the merger, Style.com will close it's doors. Both of these moves will prove to strengthen Farfetch's visibility and position in the marketplace. They will compete head on with Net-a-Porter so it's nice to have Natalie on board to do so!